My name is Jim Smith and I am the owner and operator of First Choice Outfitters. I have been a  fishing and hunting guide since the age of 18 and the outdoors is my true passion.


I have worked many years as an Oakland Police Officer until the city of Oakland laid off my friends and I due to budget cuts. It didn't take me long to realize that I wanted to help provide outdoor success to others.


 I have been hunting and fishing since the age of 8 and spent a lot of time hunting on public lands.

My goal in running First Choice Outfitters is to provide people of all hunting and fishing levels an experience that is right for them. I work with each and every client personally to make sure they get the hunting or fishing trip that they want.


I have had experience with other guides in California and I wanted to provide a better service than what has been offered in the past. This was one of the main factors in making this a full time job instead of a very involved part time hobby.

As of now, I am doing almost all of the guiding for every client. I just don't trust too many guides to provide the excellent service to the client that I believe each person deserves. I love and cherish every new outdoor experience and can’t wait to share one with you. Contact us today and book your next outdoor adventure.