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Here at 1st Choice Outfitters, you never have to worry about not knowing who will be guiding you on a trip that will bring you an experience of lasting memories.  Jim Smith will be your guide every time and you will get fish on the end of your line.  100% of Jim's Clients have caught fish!


One Day Trip          $500          Price is for 1 or 2 anglers and all rods, reels, and flies are included.


Two Day Trip          $850          Price is for 1 or 2 anglers and all rods, reels, and flies are included.


Guide Pass           $4000          Price is for 1 or 2 anglers for 10 separate days on the water!


Fly Fish School     $1000          Price includes 5 star meals, lodging, rods, reels, and flies!


*Clients may have to provide their own waders, boots, and meals.  Contact for more information.



McCloud River

The McCloud River, located near the town of McCloud California is what I consider to be the most beautiful stream in California.  The water color is something that has to be seen and as the water flows over rocks, boulders, fallen trees, it provides world class wild trout fishing.  One of my favorite times on this river is catching numerous big brown trout in the fall.  Fishing my specialty nymphing techniques provides hookups throughout the entire day.

Upper sacramento

Upper Sacramento

The Upper Sacramento, located north of Lake Shasta, conveniently flows along Highway 5 which allows great access to a lot of water.  I have spent countless days fishing every stretch of the river and I happily show clients the more productive water so we have tight lines all day.  This historic streams provides great fishing throughout the year and if you have never fished this stream, it is well worth the stop.

This pass allows you to book several fly fishing trips at a largely discounted price and gives you

the best value with fishing.  Trips can be altered to your specification and based on the alteration there may or may not be any change to the cost.  With this pass you get a total of 10 days on the water and have to be  scheduled within 5 years.  You may allow your friends or family to use the pass.  Each day of fishing is for 1 to 2 anglers and all fishing gear is included with the exception of waders and boots.  The total cost for the pass is $4000 which is a savings of $1000 and you will also receive a free gift of custom tied flies and a fly box worth $100.


Passes can be used by friends or family and must be scheduled within 5 years of purchase.  Trip dates must be within 6 years.

Raft trips with NRS Frame

  • Access the remote hot beds of the rivers with ease.  Fish out of the best boat on the water!

List of rivers available by boat

  • Lower Sacramento River
  • Klamath River
  • Trinity River
  • Fall River

List of Lakes

  • Baum Lake
  • Mccloud Reservoir
  • Mountain Lakes

Pit River + Local streams

Pit River + Local Streams

The Pit River, Located near Burney California is my favorite place to catch wild trout in California.  I am referred to as a, "Pitaholic!"  The low crowds and technical wading provides an adventure unlike any other day after day.  If you do not know this river it can eat you alive with the difficulty in wading, but if you go with me I will take you to many spots that are highly productive and do not require intense wading.  I have fished the Pit River with men into their 80's as well as petite females.  Do not be afraid to give this trip a try, it truly is a special place!



Wild Trout



All Year

All Year

See Ca DFW for Regulations

Nymph Specialist School at Bailey Creek. $1000. * includes stay at the lodge, meals and fishing gear. 4 person class


Lower Sacramento River

Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento is probably the most popular Fly fishing destination in Northern California!  With temperature controlled flows, this river provides ideal habitat for wild trout, steelhead and salmon.  We fish from Redding to Red Bluff all year.  We fish from the 14ft Raft with NRS frame for a comfortable and effective day of fishing.  You can expect to catch fish at any skill level and your chance at a 20 plus incher is excellent!

Fishing with Jim was an experience I will never forget.  Not only did we catch a ton of fish, but he taught my son and I more than we thought possible and never realized how much detail went into fishing.


Jim has a sixth sense in reading water and finding fish.  His knowledge and professionalism will keep me coming back year after year.

Thanks Jim,

Keith and Son



I have been Fly Fishing for over 30 years and have hired many guides over the years.  I can honestly say that I have never had a better trip than with Jim.  I caught more fish than I thought possible and learned things I never even heard of.  I now call Jim, "The Fish Wizzard!"


The only guide I will go with! Your the Best Jim,

John Foland

Klamath River

Trinity River

Fall River

Klamath River

The Klamath River, Located just south of the Oregon Border is one of my favorite Steelhead Streams in California.  Lower crowds and high numbers of fish makes for a really fun day of fishing.  Most of the fishing is done from the comfort of my fully equipped raft, but on occasion we will get out and wade certain high productive areas.  Steelhead are known to be difficult fish to catch, but with specialized nymphing techniques we can guarantee you catch fish!

Trinity River

The Trinity River, Located just west of Redding California has to be the most popular Steelhead Fishery in California.  The popularity comes from the unbelievable consistency of great Steelhead fishing.  This stream can effectively be fished by wading as well as drifting from the comfort of my fully equipped raft.  As a bonus to Steelhead, this stream has giant sea run Brown Trout that fight, fight, and keep fighting.  The beauty of the stream coupled with the outstanding fishing for Steelhead provides for an unforgettable fishing trip.

Fall River

The Fall River, located near Burney California is the largest of California's spring creeks. This 50 degree crystal clear trout paradise is the nation's largest spring system and can only be fished from a watercraft.  This remarkable fishery is loaded with trout, but can be technically difficult for anglers who have not spent significant time on the Fall River.  The majority of those who come to the Fall River are fishing dry flies which leaves the big trout down deep for nymph specialist like myself.  Fishing with me on the Fall River allows you to unlock the river’s secrets to tight lines and an unforgettable time on the water.

Hat Creek

Hat Creek

Hat Creek, located near Burney California is probably the most heavily fished stream in Northern California.  There is so much fishing on this stream for a reason!  The creek has easy access, amazing scenery, and it is full of healthy trout.  For most, catching a few trout here in a day is a successful day, but as a nymph specialist, the name of the game is catching fish and that is what I do.  Fish with me on Hat Creek and you will have a lot of other fishermen watching you catch fish.

Secret Mountain Lakes

Putah creek

Secret Mountain Lakes

One Mountain lake is a family secret that provides a one of a kind experience.  The lake is full of wild brook trout that can reach over 14 inches and they love to eat dry flies all day.  I never see anyone on this lake but myself and family members.  Experience this lake before the secret is exposed!  Getting there is an adventure in itself.  The other lake is also full of Wild Brook Trout and a good number of rainbows.  This lake is easier to access but still has lots of fish and little to no pressure.

Putah Creek

Putah Creek, located outside of Vacaville California is a small stretch of a wild trout stream.  Due to the close proximity to the bay area, this small stretch gets hammered with pressure and in order to catch fish here, you must do everything correct as there are no lucky fish on this stream.  As a nymph specialist, this stream really allows my techniques to prove its worth and catch some of the giant trout (Over 30 inches) that reside in this stream.  If you are looking to increase your skills in nymph fishing, but do not want to travel far from the bay area, this is the stream for you.