Here at 1st Choice Outfitters, fly fishing is our greatest passion in the outdoors.  The fantastic experience  fly fishing brings is extremely consistent and is  unparalleled to any other outdoor activity.  No day is the same, but each day fly fishing rewards you with all the gifts an outdoor activity can offer.  With non-stop action and repeated success, it makes for a great experience every time.  When most people think of fly fishing they think of the movies or shows they have seen depicting a fly fishermen who is casting a dry fly back and forth over and over again.  This perception in fact pushes many people away from the sport because they believe that the task of casting is too difficult.  The fact is that in order to cast a dry fly with the perfect presentation, it will take a lot of practice and is not something you can just pick up.  The great news is if you are like most people and enjoy catching high numbers of great quality fish, dry fly fishing is not a technique needed to be mastered.  If you watch the techniques of world fly fishing competitors you will not see anyone using dry flies.  The reason is that it will not catch as many fish and here at 1st Choice Outfitters, we are all about catching fish while we enjoy being out on the water.  If you are looking to cast all day with little success on a dry fly, this is not the place for you.  Now if you want to learn the best fly fishing techniques for any given circumstances and not only catch fish but learn to catch fish on your own anywhere you go than look no further.  We guarantee you will catch fish no matter what your skill level.  Book a trip and join us for a great adventure and start making lasting memories!

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