Why should you lease your property to 1ST Choice Outfitters?

  • Fully Licensed, Bonded and insured as a California Professional Outfitter.
  • I am a former Oakland Police Officer and I will provide you with additional security on your property.  I have experience working with the Marijuana Eradication Team and I will use that experience to keep illegal grows off your land.
  • I take all liability with $5 million in General Liability insurance plus an additional $1 million in general auto to cover all vehicles brought on property.
  • This is a family owned business and I do not contract out with anyone, so you will always work with me.
  • I am flexible on lease terms and understand that our relationship is based on a win-win situation.
  • Ideally, the lease would be for the full hunting rights, but I understand that is not always possible.  A lease can be as small as one turkey hunt for a disabled hunter a year.
  • I can be used as an extra set of hands on your property to do work that you need done.  When I lease a property, I have the utmost respect for the property and will make landowner approved improvements for both of us to enjoy such as clearing overgrown roads.
  • I am professional and extremely easy to work with.
  • You can cancel the lease at any time if for any reason it is not working for you.
  • I am asking your help to provide quality hunting by leasing your hunting rights to 1st Choice Outfitters.  I want to compensate you so that we are both happy with the arrangement.